AMTEC offers a complete line of pad printing accessories. From cliché making exposure units to laser cliché makers and ink cups to dryers, we offer everything you are likely to need to make certain your pad printing job runs smoothly.


The UV Exposure Unit is used to etch the photopolymer cliché. The process requires a dark room, an exposure unit, wash-out liquid, film positive, line screen, and a dryer (oven or blow dryer).

Laser cliché is etching using a Fiber or a YAG laser and artwork in a vector file format for higher resolution.

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SpecificationsUV Exposure Unit
Exposure Area250 x 350 mm (10” x 14”)
Light Source6 UV tubes à 30 watts
Wavelength365 nm
Timer0 – 99 min
Power Requirement110 V 50 / 60 Hz
Weight37Kg (81 lbs)
DimensionsW 505 x D 520 x H 135 mm  (20” x  20.5” x 5.5”)




SpecificationsLCM – 150LCM  – 550
Work areax 150 mm(6” x 12”)x 600 mm(6” x 24”)
Work table250 x 300 mm(10” x 12”)300 x 1000 mm(12” x 40”)
Maximum part size (W x D x H)300 x 300 x 10 mm(12” x 12” x 0.39”)300 x 1000 x 10 mm(12” x 40” x 0.39”)
Dimensions (W x D x H610 x 450 x 610 mm(24” x  18” x 24”)1200 * 500 * 610 mm(47” x 18” x 24”)
Laser Power20 W20 W
Weight50 Kg110 Kg




exposure unit
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